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C. H. Lindsay (Charlie) is an award-winning poet & writer, housewife, and book-lover. She spent thirty years volunteering as an event planner, helping organize and run science fiction, fantasy, and horror conventions, and a decade acting in community theatre. Now she prefers to stay at home with her family and write fantasy, dark fantasy, and cozy mysteries. She currently has short stories and poems in over twenty anthologies (so far). Her poems have also appeared in magazines, including Amazing Stories, Space and Time, & Fantasy Magazine. She is working on five novels, six short stories, and at least two dozen poems (although the numbers are always in flux).

In 2018 she became Al Carlisle’s literary executor. She now publishes his true crime under Carlisle Legacy Books, LLC, with plans to add more books in the future.

She is a member of SFWA, HWA, SFPA, LUW and is a founding member of the Utah Chapter of the Horror Writers Association. Mostly blind, she lives in Utah with her “seeing-eye husband” and a cat who knows she is in charge.

     Charlie has loved books for as long as she can remember. First, when her parents read to her and then later when she discovered new books in the school and public libraries.

     In secondary school, she had amazing English teachers who exposed her to classic literature and poetry. They taught her the history around the book and author, thus instilling in her a greater understanding of what she was taught and a love of history.

     Her first publication was in her high school literary journal because her English teacher submitted one of the poems she wrote for class. She also took a writing class because the same teacher recommended that she do so.

     In college her love of writing, literature, and history expanded. She joined and then became president of the school's science fiction club, non-fiction editor of the science fiction and fantasy magazine, and joined the committee of an annual science fiction and fantasy symposium. She sold several poems in college as well and graduated with a BA in English Teaching & Spanish, and a minor in history.

     After she graduated and got married, she continued to work on various science fiction, fantasy, and horror conventions. When her kids were a little older, they acted in community theatre, often doing shows as a family.

     Born with a degenerative eye disease, as Charlie's vision deteriorated, she stopped acting and then running conventions and again began to focus on her writing.

     She currently has over 30 poems and 9 short stories in over 20 anthologies and several magazines, including Amazing Stories, Space and Time, and FANTASY Magazine.

     At last count, Charlie is working on five novels, half a dozen short stories, and an ever-changing number of poems. She has been on panels and given presentations on poetry and writing at a number of conventions. She loves talking about writing and helping other authors.

     In 2018 her father passed away and she became his literary executor. She took back the rights to his four books and published them under Carlisle Legacy Books, LLC.

     She and her daughter have plans to publish two more books based on his research in 2023. In April, a documentary on her father and his research called "Violent Minds: Killers on Tape" will premiere on Oxygen Network and after on Peacock.

     Now mostly blind, she lives in Utah with her "seeing eye husband," library of books, and a cat.


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